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Workshops for developing a mental framework for entrepreneurial success.
  Focused Areas: (1) Creative thinking (2) Problem solving (3) Business communication



Who Should Attend?

Tech entrepreneurs or executives wishing to refine their pitch, build an MVP or create technological efficiencies in an organization

Coaching Agenda:

Refining Your Story: Refinement of overall pitch narrative around a strategic story to power functional groups within an organization

MVP Track:

A series of interviews to identify the critical requirements, timebox and provide a MVP development plan

AI Track:

A discussion on the present usage of artifical intellligence or automation within organzational functions, e.g. sales & operations

Coaching Format & Guidelines

Key TakeAways & Framework Development

  1. Brief independent evaluation of the overall pitch presented with constructive feedback, refinements & techniques
  2. Enhance the effectiveness of the overall narrative
  3. Concept-to-prototype path of development from pre-funding to go-to-market
  4. Moving an idea into a functional product spec, high level design, estimate effort, plan timelines and calculate a budget
  5. Identifying areas of implementation for artificial intelligence and automation with cost efficiencies and scale to be achieved

Workshop Preview: Refining Your Story


December 2019 | Improve Your Networking & Social Skills Workshop


August 2019 | A Communication & Self Expression Workshop


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